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Duck Reach Power Station

04 Aug 2017

Take a stroll over the Esk river via a suspension bridge and explore the first Hydro-Electric power station in Australia and the Southern hemisphere.

08 Apr 2016

Today I jumped in the car and headed far south of Tassie for a short walk to Waterfall Bay - a very picturesque walk with a handful of lookouts along the way. It's a very structured walk, good walking path and barriers. There is only one small incline on the way in so if you have a pram it is still manageable.

16 Apr 2017

Come on the hunt for Little Peter Rabbit, whilst experiencing magnificent waterfalls and the beautiful scenery of
Mount Field National Park


02 Jul 2016

It could be quite easy to get lost in the 'Lost World' with its unruly track of overgrown shrubs and boulders, but if you like climbing over rocks and large boulders like I do this short walk is for you!!The scenery at the end of the track was magnificent and makes this upper and lower body work out worthwhile.

02 May 2016

Today we ventured south of Hobart past Kingston and Margate to the beautiful Snug Falls. Due to the downfall of rain last night it made the falls that much more spectacular! These falls are the prettiest I've seen yet. I would have been happy to sit on a rock there the whole day and read a book.

19 Jul 2016

Today I had my three year old nephew come with me on a small hike to the 'Secret Falls' in the search for dragons and fairies. This is a great little short walk for children and is close to Hobart.

09 Sep 2016

The sun was out in Tasmania today so a friend and I went on the search for Scout Hut on Mt Wellington that lay secluded amongst the safety of colourful boulders and an amazing scenery.  What an interesting little hut it was with it's wrought iron cladding, outdoor shower, hammocks and a loo with a view.

11 Jul 2015

Winter is truly here...the snow's blanketing the mountain and the morning frosts have hit us hard this year. Make a plan to do a short walk...get it out of the way nice and early in the morning...you will end up feeling great and still have the whole day to yourself. Here's one I did today. I've got to say not the most spectacular falls but still worth the walk.

10 Apr 2015

One of my favourite short walks is the Lenah Valley Track. It takes approx 1 hour and 20 minutes return. It's an easy to medium walk. It begins at the top of Lenah Valley Road at the car park. A very pretty walk which leads you to a beautiful waterfall. From the moment you step foot out of the car you are surrounded by running streams and refreshing smells of gum trees.

16 Jul 2016

Have you ever been on a walk and felt like you were in some sort of Nintendo Game whereas you have to pass obstacles to get to the next level? Today's walk was one of these and there was only one player 'me'….. Starting lives 3. I headed down past Mount Field National Park to Tyenna, destination Marriot Falls and what a magnificent site it was - another favourite to add to the list.

19 Sep 2016

This one's dedicated to all you lovely mums out there and although it's not a 'bush walk' as such it's a walk you can take your little one on in a pram.

24 Sep 2016

Third time lucky…Today I managed to find Sama Hut which is also known as Tyson's Hut, Lost World Hut and the A Frame Hut.This triangular looking hut was built in 1968-1969 by Jeff Tyson with the help of his brother and a mate. Today it is used by climbers and all sorts of adventurers.

27 Nov 2015

Today we decided to go exploring in the Hartz Mountains. I don't know if you would really call it a bush walk or more of a wander. What a little piece of heaven this place is, cascading waterfalls and valleys that run for miles. It was simply breathtaking. We were lucky enough to have had a bit of rainfall the last couple of days that made it that much more spectacular.

Zig Zag Track

15 Oct 2016

Today I decided to brave the rain and fog and go for a wander up Mount Wellington. I've been wanting to do the Zig Zag Track for a long time, starting at the Springs and ending at the Summit, then returning down the Icehouse Loop. It’s a challenging uphill walk but very rewarding.

29 Apr 2016

Half way up, after a lot of 'ouchies' I sat down and thought surely this can't be the right way up. Who in their right mind would climb these prickly, slippery rotten boulders……and why have I not yet passed anyone (there were other cars in the park). I had come this far and was not willing to turn back and start again, so dirty rotten boulders it was!! After an hour of climbing I came to a small clearing and alas there was 'The track'! I felt like all my Christmas' had come at once!

26 Aug 2016

With the dark clouds lingering above our heads and a crisp Tasmanian chill in the air we threw on our fleeces and went for a short walk up the Truganini Track which starts in Taroona at the Cartwright Reserve on Sandy Bay Road and ends at the Mount Nelson Signal Station.

23 Apr 2016

WOW is all I can say!!  Yesterday I got to experience the beauty of Liffey Falls. It is the prettiest most majestical place I have ever been to!! A walk filled with so many wonderful things.

Luckmans Hut

Today I went exploring on Mount Wellington for Luckman's Hut. After reading quite a bit about the hut I think it should be called 'Lovers Hut'. Luckman's Hut was built in 1938 by the Hobart Walking Club and was named after a gentleman by the name of Leo Luckman a renowned local stone mason who supervised the building of the hut, he was also a member of the club with his dear wife Jessie who was Tasmania's first conservationist and a woman of many talents; musical and otherwise.

Russell Falls

Russell Falls is one of Tasmania's most renowned waterfalls.  It is a popular tourist attraction and is situated within the Mount Field National Park. It's an easy and enjoyable walk to the falls.  The track is flat and well made and leads you to a viewing point where you can watch the tiered falls plummet down to the waters below.

18 Apr 2015

This walk is a nice short walk of only 1 hour 20 minutes return. The first 20 minutes of the track if VERY steep and is of medium difficulty but the remainder of the track is relatively easy. You will come to a cross roads where as it will have to the left a sign saying 'Radford Track' don't take this turn, continue down to the right. You will pass a monument and soon after hit back down to the road, continue down the road and you will arrive back to the Tavern.

25 Sep 2015

The majority of the track is flat with only two steep climbs, one at the beginning and one at the end. You will hit the end when you walk up a steep hill and there are two power towers and a great view over the Derwent River.

27 Feb 2016

Today we jumped in the car and headed down the southern outlet for a walk at Pelverata Falls. The walk was nice, but probably not one of my favourites. Due to the time of year, and lack of rain, the falls were dry but it would be quite spectacular in the wetter months.

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