Bush walks 2-5 hours

19 Feb 2016

Today I decided to go exploring and find more hidden treasures Tasmania has to hide so I headed up Mount Wellington and did the Organ Pipes Track. This track is a round circuit, half way you will stumble upon the treasure trove of dolerite columns that majestically soar up into the heavens!!

24 Mar 2016

Shipsterns is very popular with avid surfers and is known worldwide as a place to surf because it has some of the most dangerous breaks, not for the faint hearted. Parts of this walk (the end) is very challenging (mostly on the way back up) you will find yourself climbing very steep rocky paths. It was all worth it though in the end, because you got to take away the memory of arriving to the bottom of Shipsterns where you can sit down and take in the serenity of the massive waves thunderously crashing against the rocks. It's peaceful, untouched and special.

15 May 2015

Today I did a solo walk within the Mount Wellington area. It was a slightly longer walk today but VERY BEAUTIFUL.  I defiantly have a new favourite walk now!  The view at the lookout was gob smacking and magical. The photos don't do it justice at all. The whole walk was filled with smaller falls, spectacular views of the valleys below and in the distance Cathedral Rock.

09 Jul 2016

Today was spent at Mount Field East National Park on a 5hr slog walking up icy boulders, trudging through thick mud, having fun in icy puddles and experiencing spectacular views of Lake Fenton, Lake Nicholls and the far away mountains caps covered in snow. I’ve got to say a hot shower never felt so good!!! It was defiantly an enjoyable walk though.

20 Jul 2016

The never ending climb with no end in sight, literally...the whole walk you cannot see the summit so you have no idea as to where you are at in the walk until you hit the top. Was the climb worth it? DEFINITELY!!  When I reached the summit I was greeted by amazing views overlooking the Tasmanian wilderness.

01 Jul 2016

Recently I've been fascinated about this 'disappearing tarn' that everyone has been talking about! So today was the day I set out on a quest to find it, mission successful. Who would have thought that in the middle of nowhere there is a little pool of blue, not made man but as pure and natural as it gets.

25 Apr 2015

The Cascade track which is a very easy, flat walk only takes 40 minutes to reach the end. From here if you're feeling brave you can continue onto the Myrtle Gully walk. The Myrtle Gully route is a medium to difficult walk with a lot of steep hills to climb. If you didn't think you had glute muscles you will soon realise they're there!! The pain will be worth it when you see the amazing waterfalls along the way. 

13 May 2016

A great walk after all this rain we have had especially because there are so many nice little waterfalls on the way. It's a big uphill climb but the views at the top are well worth it.

15 Apr 2016

As the ferry draws closer to Maria Island your eyes are drawn towards the left of the island and the silhoutte of the two towerig peaks otherwise know as Bishop and Clerk.The views from the top of these dolarite columns are mesmerising that is if you are game to climb to the 620 metre (2,030 feet) summit.The walk takes you past convict ruins, tall cliff edges and fields of boulders. The closer to the top the harder the climb gets and the bigger the boulders.

23 Jul 2016

A fantastic Winter wonderland walk through a snow caped rainforest!!  I think the pictures will speak for themselves on this one. I highly recommend doing this walk in the winter when it's snowing because it's all the more beautiful.

26 Nov 2016

It felt great to get back into the bush yesterday - a new day and a new mountain to climb, Mount Misery. It was a good solid 3 hour walk and we made sure to include a side detour down to Hidden Falls which isn't far from the start of the Mount Misery trail.

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