Bush walks 5-8 hours

16 Apr 2015

Cockle Creek to South Cape Rivulet walk is a more challenging walk so you might want to bring your overnight pack. This walk is a four hour round trip but if you're planning to stay overnight allow yourself three hours in and three hours back due to the extra weight of your pack you will be carrying. The track begins to the right after you cross over Cockle Creek Bridge.  It's a flat walk to start with but turns into some steep climbs over hills and cliff tops.

09 Aug 2016

The cold zapped the power out of my phone and my back up charger went from 100% to 0% within 10 minutes. In the morning when I woke the conditions were worse and visibility was very minimal, not being able to see ahead to the next post where to walk due to the thick fog and the blinding snow. I had heard there were going to be 10 foot snow drops ahead and conditions over the next 48 hours worsening.

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28 May 2023

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01 Jan 2020

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