Alum Cliffs North




Region: Northern Tasmania


Location:  Alum Cliffs/Tulampanga Hill,  near Mole Creek


Where: 56 minutes drive from Launceston

Walk time: 35 minutes

Walk distance: 1.8km

Difficulty level: Easy

25 April 2016

Alum Cliffs, also known as Tulampanga meaning red ochre hill, is a walk that will take you towering above the Mersey River.

It's a special place for the aboriginal people due to the red ochre that can be found there, red ochre has a spiritual significance in both aboriginal ceremonies and celebrations as the women use the red ochre to decorate their bodies for marked occasions.

This sacred site was originally only privy to aboriginal women.

Along the track there are various signs which tell stories about the aboriginal history and aboriginal bush tucker in the area.

At the conclusion of the walk you reach a viewing point where you can sit or stand whilst looking out over the Mersey River that is surrounded by the Alum Cliffs State Reserve and the Gog Forest. An easy walk with a lot of history.


- Drive from Deloraine to Mole Creek 26.2km

- Turn off to the right from Mole Creek Rd to the B12. There is a big sign saying 'Alum Cliffs' you can't miss it, follow this road up and turn of

   to the right again. The walk starts here.


 Sacred aboriginal area with lots of information along the way.

 Tulampanga translated means 'red hill'.

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