Cascade Track and Myrtle Gully




Region: South East


Location: South Hobart  


Where: 10 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 3 hours 15 minutes

Walk distance: 5km

Difficulty level: Medium

26 April 2015

The most recent walk I did was two weeks ago...well it was actually two walks in one. This walk took 3.15hrs return. It started just behind the silos up at Cascade; Cascade track via Myrtle Gully walk.

The Cascade track which is a very easy, flat walk only takes 40 minutes to reach the end. From here if you're feeling brave you can continue onto the Myrtle Gully walk. This track was hard to find from here as there were several different routes but if you take the Old Farm Track you will be headed on the right direction. Not far up from here you will come to a cross roads continue north straight ahead on the Myrtle Gully track, this will be sign posted.

The Myrtle Gully route is a medium to difficult walk with a lot of steep hills to climb. If you didn't think you had glute muscles you will soon realise they're there!! The pain will be worth it when you see the amazing waterfalls along the way. At the end of the track veer left and walk a further 15-20 minutes and you will come to the junction cabins - a good rest area.

The journey from the beginning of Myrtle Gully track to the cabins should take you approx 1 hour and 10 minutes.

On your return journey you can chose to go back the same way or take the Old Farm track which I did, this path will lead you to a road; follow the road and it will take you back to where you started at the Silos. This track back is a lot faster and only takes 1 hour and 5 minutes.


TIPS: Wear gators if you have a set as the Myrtle Gully stretch can be quite damp and can be prone to leeches.

TAGS: Mountains, Waterfalls

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