Collins Cap

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Region: South East


Location: Collinsvale 


Where: 30 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 3.25 hours

Walk distance: 5km

Difficulty level: Hard/Difficult

14 May 2016

Today we hit Collins Cap which is just out of Collinsvale - a great walk after all this rain we have had especially because there are so many nice little waterfalls on the way. It's a big uphill climb but the views at the top are well worth it.


Make sure you wear good walking shoes as it's quite rocky and because of the crazy high winds we had during the week there was a lot of debris and fallen trees.

You will get to two small stream crossings one of which has a rope to help you climb across.


 -Drive down the Brooker Higway and turn left to Berriedale.

 -Follow Berriedale Road approx 8km until you hit Collinsvale Road continue past the general store then take left into Springdale Road.

 -Continue along for a further 1.8km then turn into Myrtle Forest Road.

-The walk beings here.


 - Leech proof yourself as they had a great little feast today even in my sports bra :o

 - When you hit the fire trail turn left for a couple of meters then right to where a sign post says Collins Cap and continue on.

TAGS: Cliffs, Mountains, Rivers, Rock Scree, Snow, Waterfalls

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