Hiking food

Packet Pastas

Packet pastas are a great easy meal that is light in weight and doesn't take up much room in your pack.

Dehydrated Food

Most good outdoor stores will sell quality dehydrated foods.

They are great for hiking on overnight or multi day hikes as they are light weight, they will warm your belly and on average only cost around $12 a packet or $16 for a two serve pack.

Some people choose to invest in a good dehydrator so that they can dehydrate their own choice of foods but unless you are using it all the time the investment may not pay off, plus I've heard on the grapevine that the dehydration process is timely and you have to start preparing a long time in advance for your hike. 

Dried fruit and nuts

A great snack to take on a day walk or multi day hike is dried fruit and nuts.

The fruit will give you some natural sugar for energy and the nuts some much needed carbs.

They are easy to grab out of the pack if you are feeling peckish.

Pizza Breads

Although not the healthiest of choices pizza breads are great for a quick meal.

Why you ask?!! Well for one there is no food prep required. There is no cutting open the bread and having to fill it with ingredients to make it taste good then washing up afterwards.

The downside is that they tend to have a bit of weight in them so if you are taking them on a multi day hike then I would recommend them for just the first day/night.

Most bakeries and supermarkets will sell these.

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