Lady Barron Falls

Close up of Lady Barron Falls
We started walk behind info centre
Easy walking track to Russell Falls
Walking options at start of track
First sighting of Peter Rabbit
The track up past Russell Falls
Russell Falls, Mount Field National Park - Lady Barron Circuit
Little Peter Rabbit is making his appearance everywhere - Lady Barron Falls Circuit
Little Peter Rabbit eating his carrots - Lady Barron Falls
Massive tree trunks - Lady Barron Falls
Easy part of the track to Russell Falls on the Lady Barron Falls circuit
It's fungi time of year at Lady Barron Falls circuit
Steps going up just past Russel Falls
Horseshoe Falls just past Russell Falls
Little Peter Rabbit is watching the view from the top of Russell Falls
We are guessing this is a type of fungi
Jelly looking fungi
The top of Russell Falls
Abundance of fungi
Colours in this fungi similar to sanstone
Road crossing to Lady Barron
Signage at road crossing
Hiding fungi - Lady Barron Falls
Lady Barron Falls track
That sneaky rabbit again
Fungi Lady Barron Falls
Something cute?
More fungi
Lady Barron Falls waterfall
The track leaving Lady Barron
Polymore Bracket on burnt tree
Polymore Bracket
Many many steps out of Lady Barren
Someone decorated this tree
The alternate starting point



Region: South East


Location: Port Arthur


Where: 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 3.5-4 hours

Walk distance: 8-10km

Difficulty level: Difficult



Region: South East


Location: Mount Field National Park


Where: 1.5hrs drive from Hobart

Walk time: 2hrs

Walk distance: 6km

Difficulty level: Medium

17 April 2017

As we hop right into Easter, the bush walking season started with a bang today as we went in the search  
of Little Peter Rabbit.

We heard a few whispers he was hiding at Mount Field National Park in South East Tasmania, so off we went.

Where could he be hiding, we wondered, there are so many great hiding spots for him in this area?!

We decided the best thing to do was walk up to Lady Barron Falls which went past Russell Falls and a loop
back round to the Mount Field information and reception desk which was our starting point.

Now, rumor has it that if you walk the circuit in an anti clockwise direction it is a much better cardio
workout which means Little Peter Rabbit pops up here and there more often as a reward for putting in the
hard yards.

Why not, we said.  After all, he is such a cute little bunny.

The majority of the walk was very easy apart from a small group of steps just past Russel Falls, normally I would
say the whole circuit is an 'easy' walk but on the last leg is where you get your little Kinder Surprise Egg
as your Easter treat and that surprise is hundreds of stairs to the top.  

So, if you wish to make it an easier on yourself then you need to walk up Lake Dobson for a few minutes,
this runs right past the information center and you will come to a sign saying 'Lady Barron Falls - One of Tasmania's 60
great short walks. If you start from here you will then be walking in a clockwise direction.

The Lady Barron Falls walk was very enjoyable with lots of waterfalls, new fungi starting to sprout and
of course we can't forget the main thing...we succeeded in finding Little Peter Rabbit.



- Drive past New Norfolk and continue on to Mount Field National Park

- Park at the visitor center

- The walk starts behind the visitor center


TAGS: Waterfalls, Parks pass required, Snow, Fungi

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