Liffey Falls



Region: Central North


Location: Liffey Falls State Reserve


Where: 51 minutes drive from Launceston

Walk time: 1.5 hours

Walk distance: 8km

Difficulty level: Easy

24 April 2016

WOW is all I can say!!  Yesterday I got to experience the beauty of Liffey Falls. It is the prettiest most majestic place I have ever been to!! A walk filled with so many wonderful things.



-Drive about 51 minutes drive from Launceston.

-When you get to the fork in the road at Liffey State reserve take the lower road as the walk starts from the camp ground.



- Make sure to check out both the upper smaller falls as well as the lower larger falls. Both very different but very pretty

- It's a very pretty spot where you can pitch your tent or take your camper.

- Camp fires allowed, thank goodness because you need one in Tassie at this time of year.

- We walked up the side of the bank to the top of the larger falls up there is a beautiful swimming hole and if you're crazy like me you won't

  be able to resist taking a dip even if the water is so cold your skin burns.

- It can be dangerous on the slippery rocks at the falls and climbing the steep bank to the top of the fall so take care and proceed at your

  own risk.

- I didn't see a lot of wildlife but in the morning was woken by the sweet sounds of kookaburras.

- Take lots of warm clothes and bedding because it's in a valley it gets VERY cold of a night and early morning.

TAGS: Cliffs, Free camp spots, Mountains, Rivers, Waterfalls

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