Luckmans Hut




Region: South East


Location: Mount Wellington


Where: 15 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 20 minutes

Walk distance: 1km

Difficulty level: Easy

3 September 2016

Today I went exploring on Mount Wellington for Luckman's Hut with my pa, it's Father's Day weekend after all *wink*.


After reading quite a bit about the hut I think it should be called 'Lovers Hut'. Luckman's Hut was built in 1938 by the Hobart Walking Club and was named after a gentleman by the name of Leo Luckman a renowned local stone mason who supervised the building of the hut, he was also a member of the club with his dear wife Jessie who was Tasmania's first conservationist and a woman of many talents; musical and otherwise.

Leo and Jessie explored much of Tasmania's uncharted wilderness together, Leo even tackling the then unclimbed Federation Peak with a couple of other avid walkers. Bad weather unfortunately ended this climbing expedition. Leo passed away in 1976 of a heart attack.

Jessie continued on with the stone masonry business for a while after. In May 2014 only a week after turning 104 Jessie also sadly passed away.


This hut is kept secret for a reason so please respect it when visiting. Make sure you take your rubbish out with you when leaving and take care not to cause any damage to the hut.

TAGS: Emergency shelter, Mountains, Secret Huts, Snow

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