Marriot Falls

Tyenna River, Marriot Falls
Waterfall, Marriot Falls
Beneath the waterfall, Marriot Falls
The thunderous falls, Marriot Falls
Unruly track, Marriot Falls
Fungi, Marriot Falls
Muddy track, Marriot Falls
The track, Marriot Falls
Panorama, Marriot Falls
Beautiful landscape, Marriot Falls
Icy moss, Marriot Falls
Walking in the bush, Marriot Falls
Beside the river, Marriot Falls
Abundance of cob webs, Marriot Falls
Sun on the webs, Marriot Falls
Wind blown track, Marriot Falls
Fallen trees, Marriot Falls
Steps, Marriot Falls
Warning sign, Marriot Falls
Start of walk, Marriot Falls
Stream entering river, Marriot Falls
Signpost, Marriot Falls
Start of walk, Marriot Falls
After the bridge, Marriot Falls
Thick fog, Marriot Falls
Turn off the B61 here, Marriot Falls
Rickety old bridge, Marriot Falls
Turn off B51 here, Marriot Falls



Region: South


Location: Marriot Falls, Tyenna

Where: 81 minute drive from Hobart

Walk time:  1.5-2 hours

Walk distance: 5km

Difficulty level: Easy to medium

17 July 2016

Have you ever been on a walk and felt like you were in some sort of Nintendo Game whereas you have to pass obstacles to get to the next level?

Today's walk was one of these and there was only one player 'me'…..

Starting lives 3.

I headed down past Mount Field National Park to Tyenna, destination Marriot Falls and what a magnificent site it was, another favourite to add to the list.


Fog and lots of it created an eerie prettiness. The first 20 minutes of the track you walk alongside the roaring Tyenna River.


Hurdling and Limboing over and under fallen trees across the path.



This was the hardest level. Not being a lover of spiders I found walking through an unusual mass of cob webs quite daunting, my hiking stick came in handy to clear the way.


Mud. Some parts of the track are quite boggy and slippery. I lost two lives on this level.


Slippery logs and rocks around the falls.


Marriot Falls and my goodness what a reward it was!! I was not expecting such a magnificent waterfall as I hadn't heard a lot about it, Tasmania's little secret I think.

I spent about half an hour here admiring the majestic thunderous falls in all its glory.

TAGS: Dogs, Snow, Waterfalls

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