Middle Track




Region: South East


Location: Ferntree


Where: 10 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Walk distance: 4km

Difficulty level: Medium

19 April 2015

A great way to start a Sunday morning eggs and bacon for breakfast then into the car to drive to my bush walking location for the day- Fern Tree's, Middle Track!!

Don't do what I did and drive past the houses in Fern Tree and veer off to the right towards Mount Wellington, instead when you hit the sign saying Huonville straight ahead continue along there for about 250 meters where on the left you will see Fern Tree Tavern, here is the starting point and where to park your car. Across the road and there is a toilet block with several tracks leading off in all directions, head north and you will come to sign saying 'Middle Track'.

This walk is a nice short walk of only 1 hour 20 minutes return. The first 20 minutes of the track if VERY steep and is of medium difficulty but the remainder of the track is relatively easy. You will come to a cross roads where as it will have to the left a sign saying 'Radford Track' don't take this turn, continue down to the right. You will pass a monument and soon after hit back down to the road, continue down the road and you will arrive back to the Tavern.


 - Dog friendly track.

 - Not the prettiest of tracks; you will not see any waterfalls etc but is a great walk if you want a good cardio work out in the beginning.

 - Be careful on the road walking down due to the cars and possible sleet on the bitumen which can make the surface very slippery,

   especially now as we are heading into Winter and Mount Wellington area gets a lot of snow and ice.

TAGS: Dogs, Mountains, Snow

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