Mount Field East

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Region: South East


Location: Mount Field East


Where: 1 hour 28 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 5 hours

Walk distance: 9km

Difficulty level: Hard/Difficult

10 July 2016

Today was spent at Mount Field East National Park on a 5 hour slog walking up icy boulders, trudging through thick mud, having fun in icy puddles and experiencing spectacular views of Lake Fenton, Lake Nicholls and the far away mountains caps covered in snow. I’ve got to say a hot shower never felt so good!!! It was defiantly an enjoyable walk though.



- Drive past New Norfolk and continue on to Mount Field National Park.

- Go past the visitor centre and continue 11.3km up Lake Dobson Rd and you have reached your destination.

- The sign should say Seagers Lookout and Mount Field East. Don't get confused with the first sign on Lake Dobson rd that you come to,

  go past here.


- Take care over the slippery rocks.

- The last 20 minutes of the walk is walking back up the unsealed road to the car.

- There is an emergency hit at Lake Nicholls should you get trapped in bad weather.

- When hitting Lake Nicholls the track continues on over the other side of the stream. You must cross this.

- Telstra has only a couple of spots for reception. One at the car park and then not again until you hit Mount Field Mountain. It's patchy on

  the way back down.

TAGS: Cliffs, Emergency shelter, Fungi, Lake, Mountains, Parks pass required, Rivers, Rock Scree, Snow

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