Newtown Falls




Region: South East


Location: Lenah Valley


Where: 10 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 1.5 hours

Walk distance: 3km

Difficulty level: Medium

11 April 2015

One of my favourite short walks is the Lenah Valley Track. It takes approx 1 hour and 20 minutes return. It's an easy to medium walk. It begins at the top of Lenah Valley Road at the car park. A very pretty walk which leads you to a beautiful waterfall. From the moment you step foot out of the car you are surrounded by running streams and refreshing smells of gum trees. Make your way across the little walk bridge and head north for about 5 minutes. You will then come to a cross roads, take the track to the right. Continue walking until you get to a big bend. Continue round the bend a few meters and you will spot a track on the right that goes into the bush further (look for the running fence) continue up this now narrower path until you get to the falls. Definitely a track you want to try!! These photos don't do it justice!!

 TIPS: You can walk further than the falls but it does come to a dead end so will need to back track afterwards

TAGS: Cliffs, Dogs, Mountains, Waterfalls

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