O'Gradys Falls




Region: South East


Location: Fern Tree


Where: 15 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 40 minutes

Walk distance: 2.5km

Difficulty level: Easy

12 July 2015

Winter is truly here...the snow's blanketing the mountain and the morning frosts have hit us hard this year. Whilst it's so easy to want to curl up in the couch on a cold weekend with a DVD you end up feeling even more tired and lethargic.Make a plan to do a short walk...get it out of the way nice and early in the morning...you will end up feeling great and still have the whole day to yourself.

Here's one I did today. I've got to say not the most spectacular falls but still worth the walk.


- Head towards Fern Tree, when you see Fern Tree tavern turn right just before this and go another 1km up the road.

- On the right there is a very small area to park your car and you will see a makeshift sign saying Braken Ridge fire trail to O'Grady's Falls.

- You have reached your destination.


- Great Winter walk as it's quite a sunny walk.

- For a slightly longer walk on the way back you can continue down the fire trail and then turn up Fingerpost Track which is what I did today. - This round trip takes approx 1.20 hours.

TAGS: Dogs, Snow, Waterfalls

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