Organ Pipes Circuit

The majestical Organ Pipes
Junction Cabin - Organ Pipes Circuit
Enjoying the view - Organ Pipes Track
On the way back to the car at the Springs you can take a short detour to Spinx Rock Lookout - Organ
The easy walk back to the Springs via the Lenah Valley Track - Organ Pipes Walk
Lots of rock scree to walk on - Organ Pipes Track
Getting close to hitting Junction Cabin - Organ Pipes Track
Follow the markers through the rock scree - Organ Pipes Track
The Chalet on Pinnancle Rd, cross the road and veer slightly right onto Pinnacle Rd then left onto H
After hitting the Organ Pipes contnue on the track, it starts to become slightly more challenging -
Another little break - Organ Pipes Track
Head up this way if you want to get closer to the Pipes, caution required - Organ Pipes
The Organ Pipes is a popular area for rock climbers in Hobart
he Organ Pipes stretch up to the heavens
Is this even a track_! Why yes it is ;-)
The view on the way up towards the Organ Pipes overlooking the Derwent River in Hobart below
Organ Pipes Track
Organ Pipes Track
Ok the tracks starting to get a little bumpier now - Organ Pipes
The beginning of the track can be deceiving, very easy
Park at the Springs and start here, veer uo road to the left and then not too far up on the right yo



Region: South East


Location: Mount Wellington


Where: 15 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 3 hours

Walk distance: 9-10km

Difficulty level: Medium

20 February 2016

Today I decided to go exploring and find more hidden treasures Tasmania has to hide so I headed up Mount Wellington and did the Organ Pipes Track. This track is a round circuit, half way you will stumble upon the treasure trove of dolerite columns that majestically soar up into the heavens!!


Drive 15-20 minutes from Hobart CBD up to Fern Tree, when you hit the tavern turn right and continue up the mountain until you reach the car park at the Springs. The walk starts here.


- From the Springs car park cross the road and if you are facing up the road to the mountain you will see on your left a small side road

  walk up here.

- Not far up this road on your right you will see a sign saying Zig Zag Track. Take this route.

- You will next come across a V section continue on the Zig Zag Track and not long after you will see another sign saying Organ Pipes,

  continue on.

- You will reach the Organ Pipes about an hour into the walk.

- Continue on over the boulders until you reach the first small cabin that is set to the side of the road. Cross this road and walk down a few

  meters and you will see a sign on the left saying Hunters Track continue on this.

- You will hit another V section continue to the right. Follow the Orange markers again along the boulders and continue on the track and

  you will hit Junction Cabin.

- From Junction Cabin take the Lenah Valley track back to The Springs.



- A good walk to do during the warmer months due to the mossy covered boulders that you have to climb/walk over they would be very

  slippery when wet/sleet/snow around and you would probably end up with a sore butt.

- Junction cabin is a good point to stop and have a bite to eat as there is a picnic table there.

- On the last leg back to the Springs there is a lookout called Sphinx Rock which is only a minute walk off the main track on the left, worth

  taking a peek.

- If you have difficulty climbing over rocks because of knees/ankle problems etc this unfortunately wouldn't be a walk for you.

Enjoy the photos!!

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