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Region: South


Location: Mount Field National Park


Where: 1hr 15 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 20 minutes

Walk distance: Less than 1km

Difficulty level: Easy

25 September 2016

Russell Falls is one of Tasmania's most renowned waterfalls.  It is a popular tourist attraction and is situated within the Mount Field National Park.

It's an easy and enjoyable walk to the falls.  The track is flat and well made and leads you to a viewing point where you can watch the tiered falls plummet down to the waters below.

If you go at the start of the cooler months then you will also get to experience lots of different types of fungi starting to sprout amongst the fallen logs and climbing up surrounding trees.  You will be surprised as to how many different types of fungi you will find on the walk, all very different from one another. Sometimes I wonder if the fairies are also hiding in the area as it starts to become a little wonderland.

If you want to extend this walk you can continue up to Horseshoe falls.

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