Secret Falls




Region: South East


Location: South Hobart


Where: 5 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 20 minutes

Walk distance: 1km

Difficulty level: Easy

20 July 2016

Today I had my three year old nephew come with me on a small hike to the 'Secret Falls' in the search for dragons and fairies. This is a great little short walk for children and is close to Hobart.

I had a $10 Kmart pram, not the best wheels and the little guy found it pretty bumpy.  I told him to pretend he was on a ride at a theme park. That worked lol



- Head up past the Cascade Brewery on Cascade Road South Hobart.

- Turn first right onto Old Farm Road.

- Follow Old Farm Road right around the bend and up to the top of the road. There will be a boom gate. Park here.

- Follow path up to the sign that says Myrtle Gully Track.

- Continue along this until you get to some rocky looking steps.

- Just past this on the left you can veer down onto a narrow track that takes you to the falls.

- If you hit the first bridge you have gone too far.



- Make sure to carry a water bottle to put out the dragons flames.

- Keep your eyes peeled for dragon foot prints on the path.

- The fairies are normally hiding beside the little fungi in the woods, make sure you take binoculars as they can be very hard to see

  because of their size.

TAGS: Fungi, Prams, Snow, Wheelchair friendly

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