Shipstern Bluff

The start of Shipstern track walk which is the start of Cape Raoul walk also
Shipstern Bluff walk
The track - Shipstern Bluff
The track - Shipstern Bluff
Rock formations caused by the sea - Shipstern Bluff
Taking it all in - Shipstern Bluff
The tides out at Shipstern Bluff
A surfers paradise - Shipstern Bluff
Shipstern Bluff
Watching the waves crash against the rocks - Shipstern Bluff
Fantastic rock formations - Shipstern Bluff
Shipstern Bluff
Well known for it's wild surf conditions - Shipstern Bluff
Shipstern Bluff



Region: South East


Location: Port Arthur


Where: 1 hour and 30 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 3.5-4 hours

Walk distance: 8-10km

Difficulty level: Difficult

25 March 2016


To celebrate the first day of Easter break we decided to head down to the South East of Tassie to Shipstern Bluff formally known as Devils Point to witness the 300m sea cliffs and spectacular views.

Shipsterns is very popular with avid surfers and is known worldwide as a place to surf because it has some of the most dangerous breaks, not for the faint hearted.

Parts of this walk (the end) is very challenging (mostly on the way back up) you will find yourself climbing very steep rocky paths. Make sure your fitness is up to scratch, mine defiantly wasn't today and I began to wonder if someone would piggy back me back up the hill *wink *.

It was all worth it though in the end, because you got to take away the memory of arriving to the bottom of Shipsterns where you can sit down and take in the serenity of the massive waves thunderously crashing against the rocks. It's peaceful, untouched and special.

Shipsterns Bluff is set in a national park.


- Drive south from Hobart towards Port Arthur. When you hit Port Arthur keep driving past the historic site.

- When you reach Stormlea Road marked Highcroft 3 Stormlea 9 turn down this (it is on the left).

- Drive for a further 10km on gravel road and you have reached your destination.

- Total driving time is approx 1.5hrs each way from Hobart.



- Start the walk at the end of the car park.

- There is a sign saying 'Cape Raoul' follow this track.

- Continue on until you hit a fork in the road that is sign posted. Take the Shipsterns track (right).

- Continue on and you will get to amazing lookout.

- From here continue further (the next part of the track is quite narrow and overgrown).

- You will hit a sign post. Off to the right is tunnel cove and the left Shipsterns. Take the left and continue walking down the steep decline.



If you are planning to walk along the rocks at Shipsterns make sure you check when high tide is as these rocks/tides can be very dangerous and you don't want to end up in the drink. Also take care along the cliff edges as there are no safety barriers.

TAGS: Cliffs, Rock Scree

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