Weight and comfort when hiking

Weight and comfort should be at the forefront of your mind when packing for an overnight or multi day hike. It can be the difference between having a great time away to the other end of the spectrum which involves praying away those hours hoping to get home as soon as possible.

Firstly a few things about weight.

Some things may feel like they don't weigh a lot but it's all those little things they add up to weigh a tonne before you know it.

A light weight tent, sleeping bag, cooker, sleeping mat etc are essential for an overnight or multi day hike.

If your pack is too heavy then every kilo towards the finish line will be multiplied x 10.

Now in relation to comfort.

Your pack should fit comfortably. The straps should be adjusted accordingly and the pack should never sit below your bottom.

Going uphill the straps should be pulled in tighter, going downhill loosened and walking on the flat in between both of these.

The heavy weight should not sit at the bottom of your pack, neither should it be at the top. It should be placed somewhere in the middle and inwards towards your back, however ensure you don't place any hard pointy objects so that they stick into your back whilst hiking. These objects must be placed carefully. Your sleeping bag should suit the climate. There's nothing worse than after a long day of hiking wanting a good night sleep to find that you are too cold to sleep. Your sleeping mat should also have a suitable R rating (insulation rating) after all a lot of the coldness comes up from the ground.

I hope these little tips help you with a more comfortable and enjoyable trek!!

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