Snug Falls



Region: South East


Location: Snug


Where: 45 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 45 minutes

Walk distance: 2km

Difficulty level: Easy

3 May 2016

Today we ventured south of Hobart past Kingston and Margate to the beautiful Snug Falls. Due to the downfall of rain last night it made the falls that much more spectacular! These falls are the prettiest I've seen yet. I would have been happy to sit on a rock there the whole day and read a book.



- Pass the Primary school in Snug then turn off to the right opposite the take away shop.

- Follow this road down until you hit a gravel cross roads; there is sign that indicates Snug Falls to the left, follow this route to the Snug Falls car park.

TAGS: Dogs, Waterfalls

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