South Cape Rivulet

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Region: South East


Location: Recherche Bay  


Where: 1 hours 50 minutesd drive from Hobart

Walk time: 5 hours

Walk distance: 15km

Difficulty level: Medium

17 April 2015

Cockle Creek to South Cape Rivulet walk is a more challenging walk so you might want to bring your overnight pack. This walk is a four hour round trip but if you're planning to stay overnight allow yourself three hours in and three hours back due to the extra weight of your pack you will be carrying. The track begins to the right after you cross over Cockle Creek Bridge.  It's a flat walk to start with but turns into some steep climbs over hills and cliff tops. When you reach the bottom of the cliff you will hit South West Cape Beach, not the best swimming beach due to the blue bottles and rough waters. If you have decided to crash over night veer towards the end of the beach and to your right there is a track up the hill. On the hilltop there are a few little spots to pitch your tent.

TIPS: Take plenty of water as there is nowhere to get any after leaving Cockle Creek, also lots of warm clothes especially if spending overnight as it can get very cold high up where the camping spot is. Also this walk is situated in a national park so no fires are permitted.

TAGS: Cliffs, Free camp spots, Mountains, Parks pass required, Rivers, Rock scree, Waterfalls

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