Lady Barron Falls

South East, 2 hours, Medium, 6km

Come on the hunt for Little Peter Rabbit, whilst experiencing magnificent waterfalls and the beautiful scenery of Mount Field National Park

TAGS: Waterfalls, Parks pass required, Snow, Fungi

South East, 5 hours, Difficult, 9km

Today was spent at Mount Field East National Park on a 5 hour slog walking up icy boulders, trudging through thick mud...

TAGS: Cliffs, Emergency shelter, Fungi, Lake, Mountains, Parks pass required, Rivers, Rock Scree, Snow

South East, 3 hours, Medium, 5km

Misery was experienced when we came to the realisation that we had walked down the steep hill for nothing...

TAGS: Cliffs, Fungi, Lookout, Mountains, Waterfalls

South East, 20 minutes, Easy, 1km

It's an easy and enjoyable walk to the falls.  The track is flat and well made and leads you to a viewing point where you can watch the tiered falls plummet down to the waters below...

TAGS: Fungi, Lookout, Parks pass required, Prams, Snow, Waterfalls, Wheelchair friendly

South East, 20 minutes, Easy, 1km

Today I had my 3 year old nephew come with me on a small hike to the 'Secret Falls' in the search for dragons and fairies...

TAGS: Fungi, Prams, Snow, Wheelchair friendly

South East, 1 hour 40 minutes, Medium, 4km

It was a moderately steep walk and somewhat muddy climb to the top...

TAGS: Fungi, Mountains

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