South East, 2 hours, Medium, 6km

Come on the hunt for Little Peter Rabbit, whilst experiencing magnificent waterfalls and the beautiful scenery of Mount Field National Park.

TAGS: Waterfalls, Parks pass required, Snow, Fungi

South East, 1-2 hours, Medium, 1.1km

Today I went on a beautiful Tasmanian Winter wonderland walk, absolutely spectacular...

TAGS: Mountains, Snow, Waterfalls

South East, 3 hours 15 minutes, Medium, 5km

The Cascade track which is a very easy, flat walk only takes 40 minutes to reach the end...

TAGS: Mountains, Waterfalls

South East, 3 hours 25 minutes, Difficult, 5km

It's a big uphill climb but the views at the top are worth it...

TAGS: Cliffs, Mountains, Rivers, Rock Scree, Snow, Waterfalls

Central North, 1 hour 30 minutes, Easy, 8km

WOW is all I can say!!  Yesterday I got to experience the beauty of Liffey Falls...

TAGS: Cliffs, Free camp spots, Mountains, Rivers, Waterfalls

South East, 1.5-2 hours, Easy, 5km

Have you ever been on a walk and felt like you were in some sort of Nintendo Game...

TAGS: Dogs, Snow, Waterfalls

South East, 3 hours, Medium, 5km

Misery was experienced when we came to the realisation that we had walked down the steep hill for nothing...

TAGS: Cliffs, Fungi, Lookout, Mountains, Waterfalls

South East, 1 hour 30 minutes, Medium, 3km

A very pretty walk which leads you to a beautiful waterfall...

TAGS: Cliffs, Dogs, Mountains, Waterfalls

South East, 40 minutes, Easy, 2.5km

I've got to say not the most spectacular falls but still worth the walk...

TAGS: Dogs, Snow, Waterfalls

South East, 2 hours, Medium, 6km

Due to the time of year and lack of rain the falls were dry but it would be quite spectacular in the wetter months...

TAGS: Cliffs, Dogs, Lookout, Mountains, Rock scree, Waterfalls

North West, 7 hours, Medium, 9.8km

The fog came in until I could only see about 4 meters in front of me...

TAGS: Cliffs, Emergency shelter, Lake, Lookout, Mountains, Parks pass required, Snow, Waterfalls

South East, 20 minutes, Easy, 1km

It's an easy and enjoyable walk to the falls.  The track is flat and well made and leads you to a viewing point where you can watch the tiered falls plummet down to the waters below...

TAGS: Fungi, Lookout, Parks pass required, Prams, Snow, Waterfalls, Wheelchair friendly

South East, 45 minutes, Easy, 2km

Due to the downfall of rain last night it made the falls that much more spectacular...

TAGS: Dogs, Waterfalls

South East, 5 hours, Medium, 15km

Cockle Creek to South Cape Rivulet walk is a more challenging walk so you might want to bring your overnight pack...

TAGS: Cliffs, Free camp spots, Mountains, Parks pass required, Rivers, Rock scree, Waterfalls

South East, 4 days, Medium, 46km

What a brilliant four days spent in southern Tasmania surrounded by beautiful capes, mountains, oceans, great people and fabulous accommodation...

TAGS: Cliffs, Lookout, Mountains, Parks pass required, Waterfalls

South East, 1 hour, Easy, 3.5km

A very picturesque walk with a handful of lookouts along the way...

TAGS: Cliffs, Lookout, Prams, Waterfalls, Wheelchair friendly

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