The Needles




Region: South West


Location: Maydena


Where: 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 2 hours

Walk distance: 3km

Difficulty level: Difficult

30 April 2016

Today was another beautiful autumn day in Tasmania so I jumped in the car and headed south west of Tassie to 'The Needles'.

I now know where the name 'The Needles' come from, especially if you’re silly like me and wear shorts and leave your gators in the car, then take the wrong turn and end up climbing the mountain without a track. You will have great looking scratched up legs by the end of it and when you get home and jump in the bath you will know what 'needles' are all about.

Half way up, after a lot of 'ouchies' I sat down and thought surely this can't be the right way up. Who in their right mind would climb these prickly, slippery rotten boulders……and why have I not yet passed anyone (there were other cars in the park). I had come this far and was not willing to turn back and start again, so dirty rotten boulders it was!!

After an hour of climbing I came to a small clearing and alas there was 'The track'! I felt like all my Christmas' had come at once!

I continued another 30 minutes up the track and reached the top of 'The Needles'. A fabulous view at the top that made my journey up somewhat worthwhile *wink*.

Coming down was a heck of a lot easier……besides ending up on my butt twice.



- Drive towards New Norfolk then continue on past Mount Field National Park and on to Maydena. You will reach your destination 17km

  from Maydena when on the right you see a sign saying 'Highest Point on Road' it's on the right of the road.


- Track is narrow and a bit overgrown in places.

- Track is quite steep.


- Make sure you take the correct track.

- 5-10 minutes into the walk you will reach a Walker Registration Station. If you don't see this then you have taken the wrong way. Go back!!

- Hiking boots are a must especially after a day or more of rain. The track is muddy and slippery. I still managed to fall on my butt twice .

- If you wear shorts make sure to put gators on unless you want scratched up legs like mine afterwards.

TAGS: Cliffs, Mountains, Rock scree, Snow

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