Three Capes track



Region: South East

Location: Starting at Port Arthur, finishing at Fortescue Bay.

Where: 1 hour 30 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time:  Four days, three nights.

Walk distance: 46km

Difficulty level: Easy to medium

16 August 2016

What a brilliant four days spent in southern Tasmania surrounded by beautiful capes, mountains, ocean, great people and fabulous accommodation.

I arrived back yesterday afternoon after four days in the Tasmanian wilderness.

It was worth every cent and although I was originally a skeptic about having to pay $250 let alone $500 to do a bush walk when I can do them for free, I have no regrets and would in fact pay to do it all over again in a few years time.

What you get for the $$ is a two year pass to Port Arthur Historic Site, a 1 hour 15 minute scenic boat ride, beautiful accommodation for three nights and jaw smacking scenery. Included is transport back to the historic site from Fortescue Bay to pick up your vehicle also.

You have the ability to walk by yourself or with people.

If you're anything like me I go bush waking to escape the busy everyday life, it's my outlet to keep me sane.  On the Three Capes Track you have plenty of tracks to yourself so this is not a concern but on the other hand it's nice that you still can interact when you do feel like it. Everyone departs at different intervals when ready.

So far to date it would have to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about doing it. You're never too young or too old, too unfit or too busy.

Make the time.

If you set your mind to do it you can achieve anything!!


It all started with a scenic 1 hour 15 minute boat ride around the tall cliffs of Southern Tasmania.

We were then dropped off by boat at Denman's Cove in the Tasman National Park to begin the walk. It felt like I was on an episode of survivor except I knew we had beautiful cabin style accommodation awaiting after the 4km trek on day one.

The first day was an easy 1 hour leisurely walk to hut #1 Surveyors Hut along a flat well made track. They do allow 1.5-2 hours, you can really take it at your own pace.

When the hut appeared through the trees my jaw dropped. It looked like a 5 star luxury retreat accommodation standing in front of me.

The kitchen was heated with a pellet wood fire; the kitchen had everything you could imagine except for cutlery, plates, bowls etc. There was a games/book shelf also for a bit of evening entertainment.

I then checked out the sleeping cabins. I was in an eight bunk cabin sharing with five other lovely ladies. All three nights I slept perfectly on the memory foam mattresses they had on the beds. Although no heating in the sleeping cabins I found it still quite comfortable. You must take your own pillow and sleeping bag.

All three huts have ample water for drinking due to the abundance of rain water tanks they have at each location. Surveyors Hut looks out upon Cape Raoul in all its glory.



Slightly longer day today with 11km's to cover to get to Munro Hut - hut #2.

On day two I trekked up Arthur's Peak that gave amazing views over Cape Raoul, Crescent Bay and Mt Brown.  It wasn't a steep climb and day two trek only took 3 hours and 20 minutes in total this included a 20 minute lunch break.

Again it could take longer depending how fast you are walking and how many stops you want to make. It's totally up to you. It does say 4-4.5 hours.




This was my favourite day of the Three Capes. I got up at 4:30am with a couple of other girls all armed with our head torches we headed out to Cape Pillar and The Blade to watch the sunrise. It took 1.5 hours to get out to The Blade from Munro cabin which wasn't bad going considering we were walking in the dark.

What a magnificent sunrise we got!!

As we sat up on The Blade the sky started to show some colour then the suns head started to peak over the horizon and before long it was in fine 360 degree form causing the sky to create a mirage of astounding colours. It was truly mesmerising. After this we walked back to Munro cabin to grab our packs and begin the small one hour walk to cabin #3 Retakunna.

Total walking for day three is 17km.


The final day!!

14km and 6-7 hours walking time advised.

I found the final day the most challenging so thank goodness the backpack was a little lighter by this point.

Leaving Retakunna Hut at 6:40am I headed off with my pack into the sunrise to begin the Mount Fortescue climb, the steepest climb of the trip.

After reaching the top I began the descent back down Mount Fortescue and before I knew it was at the cross roads that had a sign saying one hour to Fortescue Bay where the bus ride back to Port Arthur leaves from or 2 hours Cape Hauy. I dropped my pack and grabbed my day bag and headed for Cape Hauy.

Now if you don't like steps you may want to avoid this part because there are thousands of them. Up and down, up and down, over the hill and up and down. I'm currently writing this as I feel my calves still burning.

Cape Hauy is a fabulous walk even so. With breath taking views of mountain, cliffs and the like. At the end of Cape Hauy was the famous Candlestick and Totem Pole. When I reached the end of Cape Hauy I was ready to see the Totem Pole protruding out of the sea like Luke Skywalker's sword in all its glory, so was a little disappointed to find the Totem Pole a lot smaller than I had imagined, but none the less still a magnificent view from the lookout.

After reaching Cape Hauy it was time to turn back and head down to Forstescue Bay for a 2pm bus ride back to my car in Port Arthur.

The finals day walk took 5.25 hours.



  • The Three Capes Track took 18,000 helicopter rides to build.

  • The pooper's don't smell.

  • There is an outdoor shower at hut #2 Munro Hut. You can make warm by boiling a couple of kettles of hot water. The flow isn't heavy enough to wash your hair.

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