Truganini Track

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Region: South East


Location: Sandy Bay/Taroona


Where: 10 minutes drive from Hobart

Walk time: 1 hour 40 minutes

Walk distance: 4km

Difficulty level: Medium

27 August 2016


With the dark clouds lingering above our heads and a crisp Tasmanian chill in the air we threw on our fleeces and went for a short walk up the Truganini Track which starts in Taroona at the Cartwright Reserve on Sandy Bay Road and ends at the Mount Nelson Signal Station.

The Truganini track was named after the last full blooded Tasmanian Aborigine who died on the 8th May 1876, aged 63-64.

It was a moderately steep and somewhat muddy climb to the top but was well rewarded at the Mount Nelson Signal Station Cafe where we sat outside on the comfy bean bags and had a coffee admiring the views over the Derwent River before making our way back down to the car.


- Wear hiking boots, I didn't today but wish I had due to the muddy track ruining my overally bright sneakers (not so bright now).

- Make sure to allow extra time at the top to admire the views of the Derwent and to grab a coffee or bite to eat at the very friendly, quaint little cafe 'Mount Nelson Signal Station'.

TAGS: Fungi, Mountains

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