Bush walks - Under 20km

15 Apr 2016

As the ferry draws closer to Maria Island your eyes are drawn towards the left of the island and the silhoutte of the two towerig peaks otherwise know as Bishop and Clerk.The views from the top of these dolarite columns are mesmerising that is if you are game to climb to the 620 metre (2,030 feet) summit.The walk takes you past convict ruins, tall cliff edges and fields of boulders. The closer to the top the harder the climb gets and the bigger the boulders.

03 Jan 2023

Cockle Creek to South Cape Rivulet walk is a more challenging walk so you might want to bring your overnight pack. This walk is a four hour round trip but if you're planning to stay overnight allow yourself three hours in and three hours back due to the extra weight of your pack you will be carrying. The track begins to the right after you cross over Cockle Creek Bridge.  It's a flat walk to start with but turns into some steep climbs over hills and cliff tops.

23 Feb 2023

Recently I've been fascinated about this 'disappearing tarn' that everyone has been talking about! So today was the day I set out on a quest to find it, mission successful. Who would have thought that in the middle of nowhere there is a little pool of blue, not made man but as pure and natural as it gets.

28 May 2023

Today I did a solo walk within the Mount Wellington area. It was a slightly longer walk today but VERY BEAUTIFUL.  I defiantly have a new favourite walk now!  The view at the lookout was gob smacking and magical. The photos don't do it justice at all. The whole walk was filled with smaller falls, spectacular views of the valleys below and in the distance Cathedral Rock.

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